Benefits of an All Girls Catholic School

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Every girl might grumble about the idea of an all-girls school. For a parent though, there are some major benefits with this type of schooling. While there are some all-girls schools that are not religious affiliated, there are many who are choosing Catholic all girls schools for a number of reasons. Here are some of them. 

The Idea of Virtue

One of the biggest things the Catholic religion is known for is the concept of purity. In this faith, girls are taught at a very early age that their practice is to remain a virgin until their wedding day. This is what the Bible preaches, but many religions have slacked on encouraging this Biblical teaching. In a day and age where girls are told it’s cool to have sex and encouraged to do so, an all-girls Catholic school will teach them otherwise.

Little Temptation

To go with this, when girls go to an all-girls school like an all girls catholic school bowie md, they get little distractions. There isn’t the temptation for improper conduct on school grounds with the opposite sex. With that, there aren’t the cute boys to keep them from their studies. Girls will spend more time in class on the curriculum and not day dreaming about the guy in the front row. 

Honor Worthy Academics

Another thing that the Catholic all girls schools are known for are high end academics. This will empower girls as they can excel without the competition of the boys. In your average secular school where boy and girls are taught together, many girls feel they have to outshine because we live in a world where boys excel at more and sometimes, get more attention and spotlight in the academic sector. This isn’t true when there aren’t guys to compete with. Girls won’t feel the need to compete with one another as they are taught to work together and build one another up in a world where women are taught to tear one another down. These schools even have some academics that some other schools don’t have including religious classes.

Focus on the Schooling

To go with all the academics they have, they are in a safe environment. Bullying is at a minimum which make girls feel safer. They have lesser issues that some girls have when they go to a public school and are in classes with boys. The other great part is they have more attention from the teachers. They are more prone to ask questions and the class sizes are smaller. The teachers they have at these types of school truly want to make a difference and have the religious mindset and often times are religious themselves so they don’t just see teaching as a paycheck.

Many parents are choosing this type of school for their daughters. Some are choosing it so there aren’t so many distractions. Others might find that they use these schools as a last resort. Some girls tend to get in trouble with boys or all the added drama at a public school and go here. No matter the reason; choosing this type of schooling is never a wrong choice.

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