How to Find Musical Adventures in Your Own Backyard

Some words just seem to call to the human spirit. Though some far more than others. Beauty and love are some of the best examples of words which instantly draw people in. But fun and adventure might well sit even higher in most people’s minds. And the reason is that fun and adventure almost inevitably lead to many of the other great concepts. 

And said adventure may well be closer than most people realize. For example, consider the Tahoe area. To local residents it might just seem like home. Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt. But what it does breed is complacency. People just tend to take their home for granted. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just the way things usually go. 

That said, there’s no reason it has to stay that way. Every area has adventure just waiting to happen. Take the Tahoe region as an example once more. There’s obviously that beautiful lake to give upon. And people in the area usually do so a handful of times before forgetting all about it. 

But, much like with many things in life, there’s more to find below the surface. And in this case, it’s in a quite literal sense. Don some scuba gear and you’ll find actual sunken ships below the surface of the lake. There’s a whole scuba trail now that’s filled with some amazing sights. 

But that’s just one example among many. The real point is that adventure is closer than one might ever suspect. And no matter how well you know an area, or think you know an area, there’s fun to be found. We’ll once again return to the example of Tahoe. And to an idea such as tahoe shows.

Now, there’s as many types of music out there as there are chances for adventure. But the kind of music we’re about to touch on is closer to the idea of a gig. This idea is a midway point between a more formal concert and a quickly put together performance for friends. 

The idea might seem commonplace to a modern audience. But it’s a shockingly new idea in the larger scope of things. In fact, it only dates back to the 1920s. That’s right, there are actually some very old but very much still living people who were born before the concept really took hold. 

The reason for mentioning it is that Tahoe has some pretty amazing shows. And some of the best to simply stumble upon are more in the nature of a gig. These types of shows are typically marked by energy and spontaneity.

And one can sometimes even find them in a manner not too dissimilar to the previously mentioned scuba divers. Those divers simply explored, roamed, and stumbled on some amazing experiences. People are the same way when they head out in search of music. They might not really know what they’ll find. But the adventure itself is often half the fun when looking for a great show


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