Pro Tips On How To Shop For Furniture 

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Navigating the many sections of furniture stores is daunting at best. Knowing how to shop the sales and pinpoint a fair deal are the telltale signs of a savvy shopper. Said sensible shoppers seek to arm timid patrons with the know-how they need to shop with confidence. Whether you’re purchasing a Custom Outdoor Bar Set or loveseat, here are some pearls of wisdom you should heed. 

Just Say No To Zero Percent Down Offers 

When furniture stores attempt to sell clients on a zero percent down deal, it’s because they’re hoping to distract from the larger issue: selling furniture well above its market price. This dubious tactic has brought many companies into ill repute, and as consumers are growing increasingly wary of this pricing model, businesses are removing it from their marketing schemes. Those who have fallen victim to this ill-intentioned strategy urge others to be patient during the furniture buying process. 

Quality > Quantity 

Investing in quality furniture guarantees a longer life span. Though a smaller price tag is always more enticing, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. With that said, springing for a pricier furniture item will bode well for longevity. Experts suggest conducting ample research on a specific item in hopes of determining its median value; that way, you can discern which prices are unusually low and unreasonably high. 

Don’t Be Fooled By Sales 

If you haven’t caught on by now, trickery is at the heart of selling furniture. Furniture dealers will go to great lengths to delude prospective buyers into thinking they’re receiving the deal of a lifetime. Unfortunately, most “sales” aren’t sales at all. In most cases, furniture manufacturers mark down prices to their normal value and, in turn, allow customers to operate under the misapprehension that they’re saving money. With that in mind, be very mindful of regular prices that are masquerading as discounted rates. 

The More You Know 

Believe it or not, the realm of furniture is riveting. Brainiacs and fact-lovers alike have compiled a wealth of information on furniture, its upbringing, and our reliance on it. Here are some fascinating facts about furniture. 

How Much!? 

Yves Saint Laurent, a prominent name in the fashion industry, took luxury to another level when he purchased the most expensive chair ever created. Yves Saint Laurent spent a whopping $28 million on a custom chair, making it the most costly furniture piece ever sold. As a renowned French designer, Yves Saint Laurent likely didn’t bat an eyelash at the cost. Saint Laurent’s ostentatious gesture got him recognized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1983. 

Sleep Like The Japanese 

The tatami, a sleeping mat, is used by the Japanese. In the mornings, they roll up their sleeping bed and stow it away until they’re ready for their nighttime routine. The tatami simply rolls out and is flattened by the bodies that sleep on it.

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