Staying Natural Is Important When Dealing with Nature

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We’re all tempted by shortcuts on occasion. It’s a natural feeling. And even more so when we’re actually dealing with nature. We often put our green thumbs to work with expectations of rapid growth. But for better or worse, in reality it just takes a while for most plants to reach their full potential. 

But this is also true for our ability to work with said plants. A green thumb takes a while to develop as well. There’s another factor that’s important to keep in mind. Many people want to put a garden together so that they can feel a sense of happiness or calm. But stressing over a garden will just work in opposition to that intent.

This tends to put people in the mood for a shortcut. But again, this too tends to work at odds with what people actually want from a garden. People look for all manner of quick fixes. And this often even includes unhealthy artificial chemicals. This is bad for any number of reasons. In part due to the previously mentioned mood which one should cultivate along with the garden. 

People are trying to put themselves into a peaceful state of mind. But peace doesn’t come with harsh chemicals. There’s also the simple issue of effectiveness. People often assume that the rough artificial chemicals are effective even if not the ideal from a health perspective. But in reality they seldom even work that well. 

The main reason here is that plant growth is primarily controlled on a genetic level. A plant’s genome is what tells it how fast to grow. One of the few real ways to change that pattern is to work with it instead of against it. And this too harkens back to the earlier discussion of cultivating a green thumb while cultivating a garden.

Part of what goes into working with a garden is the idea of really feeling it out. You should ideally start to get in sync with the natural cycle of your plants. This includes using an organic fertilizer for your garden. Using proper all-natural fertilizer stands in direct opposition to the use of harsh chemicals. 

The real trick here is that all-natural fertilizer works with a plant’s natural genetic potential. Harsher fertilizer and chemicals instead try to force a plant to grow against its nature. As you can imagine, this doesn’t usually work very well. Imagine giving steroids to a baby. Sure, it would grow at a rapid pace for a while. But he or she would have a rough and unhealthy life ahead of it. That’s not too dissimilar to a gardener trying to coax seeds into growth with harsh chemicals. 

But using all-natural fertilizer does something quite different. It just ensures that the plant has every single thing it needs to reach its full potential. Plants might not have a brain, but their instincts are more intelligent than most people assume. The seeds or growing plants can recognize a properly enriched environment. And they’ll grow to their fullest natural potential when they’re exposed to it. The end result is a peaceful spirit as you gaze over your organic garden.


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