What are Fire Tube Boilers?

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Industries manufacture various equipment and supplies that make life easier and more efficient. People have become very busy in an effort to make a living. Thus, they spend most of their time in their jobs and businesses, making them have little time for their own activities. Therefore, industries have been manufacturing modern appliances and supplies, which have influenced people’s lives, by allowing them to have most things done within a very short time. For instance, a fire tube steam boiler is used to heat water very fast, which saves on time. 
Fire tube boilers have hot gas in the tubes and then, water usually surrounds these tubes. The tubes usually have a fire inside them, hence the name fire tubes.

Advantages of the Fire Tube Boilers 

There are various benefits of using these types of boilers. To begin with, they have simple designs, which have a low maintenance cost. This helps to reduce the overall cost of production in the industry. As well, they are easy and efficient to operate, thus, even the less skilled person can operate them. They do not require treatment of the feed water and also, they can be used in small industries. 

Disadvantages of these Types of Boilers 

Although the fire tube boilers are effective, they have a few disadvantages. Firstly, they cannot be used in big power industries, since their efficiency goes up to 75%. In comparison to the water boilers, the quality and rate of steam are not suitable for generating power. This is because it has a maximum working pressure of 20 bar. As well, the fire tube boiler requires large floor space as compared to other boilers. Therefore, while choosing a boiler, it is important to consider these factors. 

Types of Fire Tube Boiler Configurations 

The vertical tube boiler has a furnace at the bottom with one pass boiler design. The boiler has tubes running between the upper and lower tube sheets. They can either be wet-top or dry top depending on the water level. In dry cleaning business, the vertical boilers are so popular. The tubes usually have a low working life because of erosion in tubes. 

The scorch marine boiler has a furnace with a big diameter tube inside the boiler with water surrounding. Modern large boilers currently have one furnace but older had even three of them. A combustion chamber connects them together. There are categorized in different passes. From two to four passes, but the latter is usually as optimal in economic heat more trans, balancing condensation, and induced corrosion. Corrosion when dealing with the scorch boilers is usually experienced from time to time. 

Other types include the horizontal return tubular boiler, taper boiler, firebox boiler. Currently, technology solutions in the industry have increased. As a result, fire steam boilers have been introduced to meet various customer needs. They provide several variations and options. The rule of thumb usually applies. 

In conclusion, tube steam boilers are highly recommended for small scale power production. To a great deal, the cost of the power output of the fire tube boiler is reasonably lower than that of water boilers, therefore, they are highly advantageous to use in small industries. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from the manufacturers while purchasing different types of boilers, to help you get the best for your industrial purpose.


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