Plumbing Is No Small Matter

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So, you’re at your girlfriends’s parents house on thanksgiving. You just downed your third piece of pumpkin pie when Mr. Bubble Guts comes knocking at your door. Apparently, you shouldn’t have had that third peace of pie topped with cookies and cream ice cream. 

Trying to still look cool as your stomach (not so silently) roars and rumbles, you frantically whisper to your girlfriend about the secret dilemma you’re in. She tells you not to worry that there is a guest bathroom upstairs that you can use. You scurry up there to handle your business as quietly and as quickly as possible because God forbid her parents know you are going ‘number 2’ in their bathroom upon meeting them for the first time. 

You finish with a huge sigh of relief as you flush the toilet only to gasp in horror and then curse life itself when the toilet doesn’t flush. Apparently, unbeknownst to your girlfriend, that guest bathroom was out of order. Okay, so more than likely, a situation this serious has probably never happened to you. However, most people, at some point in time, have had to call a plumber. Parents of small children probably more than others since, for some strange reason, children like to put things in the toilet. 

Nevertheless, while most toilet clogs can be handled yourself with a simple plunger, some clogs are so deep or tough that only the special tools and chemicals used by a plumber can actually fix them. Sometimes, the problem with the toilet is not even the toilet at all but the actual plumbing line, in which case, a plumber would definitely have to be called. If you are in Maryland and find yourself in need of a plumber, search for any plumbers annapolis md for a plumber near you. 

When it comes to plumbing, most people might picture a guy in some overalls, chewing a big wad of gum with a plunger slung over his shoulder. In fact, plumbing is a very intricate line of work that requires knowledge of various pipes, sewage lines, and how to connect lines and treat certain problems. Some things which a plumber is certified to do, the average person could not do themselves. 

For instance, when building a home, in order for the plumbing to be connected to the city sewer line, a professional plumber must be called. Also, a professional should assist in the planning or building process of a home so that water lines and waste lines are set in their proper places. They can even advise on the best areas in which to place certain lines within the house for maximum efficiency. 

When owning a home, unlike a rental property, expenses for repairs will be the homeowner’s responsibility. Whereas with a rental, you could call the property manager who will dispatch onsite maintenance crew, a homeowner must hire someone themselves. Since most repairs needs like plumbing, are usually urgent, it is important you have a plumber already in mind and especially one that will be on-call for an emergency situation. Having numbers to repair companies already handy will save you lots of time as well as headache.


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