Ecoquest Air Purifier – Everyone Needs it

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the indoor air inside homes and offices is much polluted than the outdoor air. It is five times more polluted than outdoor air. The main reason why we need to buy ecoquest air purifier is that we bring a lot of contaminated things at home. The constructional processes going on around your vicinity are also some of the main reasons why our indoor air becomes polluted.

According to an estimation, people spend 90% of their life’s time at home. It means that they are most of the time at risk of developing certain diseases that are caused by pollution, germs and dirt particles. It definitely means that cleaning indoor air is exceptionally important.

Reasons why you need air purifiers?

  • Help people with allergies:

Only in the US, around 50 million people suffer from a certain type of allergies including respiratory and nasal allergies. The impact of these allergens is directly on the immune system. This further causes multiple unwanted symptoms like irritation in eyes, sneezing, headaches, coughing and many more.

  • To remove asthma triggers:

According to a recent survey, more than 300 million people are suffering from asthma. The main reason and cause of this disease is the polluted air that you breathe. To get rid of all those asthma triggers, only an air purifier could do its best.

  • Prevents dust:

No matter how touchy and freaky you are about the cleanliness of your home the most important thing is that you clean and purify your indoor air. Dust is present on every type of surface and it is dust that attracts mites. An air purifier can help in cutting down the dust and dust mites. It sucks and filters all those particles, fumes, and odors which cause trouble to your health.

  • Eliminates mold:

It is true that mold spores are very dangerous for your health. According to medical reports, a large number of people have developed a medical illness because of being exposed to mold at home.

These spores can be eliminated from the indoor air with the help of an air purifier. It combats mold and bacteria.

  • Helps in reducing pet dander and hair:

Many people like to keep pets at home. With pets, there comes a lot of germs in the form of pet dandruff, odor, and hair. There are 30% of adults and 50% of children suffering from nasal allergies due to pet dander. If you think that medicines can be taken to treat such medical issues, then it is a wrong concept. Medicines can bring in a couple of other side effects. This treatment can be expensive too.

The easiest and simplest solution is available in the form of an Ecoquest air purifier. These machines can make your offices and homes, the safest and cleanest place to stay and live.

  • Can remove smoke and its odor:

A large number of population around the globe smokes. Tobacco smoke causes several respiratory diseases.

There are many people who smoke but they do not lie the smoke odor in their house. Moreover, passive smoke is very harmful to babies and elderly people. to keep all your family members safe, it is important to use an air purifiers.

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