How to Detect Torque Converter Issues

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If you are driving down the road and hear strange sounds coming from your vehicle, then it is a good chance that your transmission may need repair or inspection. If you are not a transmission specialist or a mechanic, then the best advice would be to take your car to a qualified repair shop. It is always best to get a professional opinion when you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle. Trying to solve the problem yourself or ignoring it can make the problem worse and make the costs of repair very expensive.

It is hard to tell what noises mean what when it comes to automobile repair.

The best mechanics will do inspections before diagnosing the cause(s). What starts off sounding like rubbing brake pads can end up requiring torque converter service. They both have similar grinding sounds which can be hard to tell the difference without a qualified inspection. Some signs that there may be a torque issue:
• Transmission fluid is dirty.
• Your car smells like something is burning it’s overheating.
• You notice your gears are starting to slip when changing.
• There is a shuddering or shaking not related to the power steering.
These are not final determinations but are signs that could represent transmission trouble. They are also signs of engine trouble, low fluids, and/or other issues that are best determined by a professional repair service.

If your torque converter is in need of repair, you may find that it’s cheaper to replace than to repair. A do-it-yourself job can cost around $500 or more and a professional replacement can be up to $1,000. Car repairs are costly, but the costs don’t last as long as car payments. It’s best to decide if a repair is worth if it’s time for an upgrade. If you have frequent costly repairs then a replacement vehicle may be in order otherwise it’s best to get the needed repairs to avoid accidents, further damage, or worse. The important thing is to get the vehicle inspected, to understand what the problem is, then decide how to proceed.

The torque converter basically works to distribute power from the engine to the transmission. When the seals go bad, power is lost during acceleration. If the repair or replacement is not done, the transmission can go out completely without warning. This can create a very dangerous situation, especially at high speeds.

Doing your research is another important key when getting the best repair for your torque converter. Ask neighbors, family, friends, or coworkers for repair shop recommendations. Online research will give you information on how the parts work and specificities regarding your particular vehicle. Armed with the right information and recommendations will allow you to make the best decisions and save the most money. Ask your repair shop if you can bring your own parts if that will save you money. Also, if you are a student, senior citizen, veteran, or member of a community organization, ask your repair shop if there are any special discounts.

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