How To Have a Productive Business Trip to Westlake, CA

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A business trip to Malibu sounds exciting! You daydream about quick trips to the beach in between appointments and meetings. Unfortunately, for most work travelers, such jaunts will remain just a daydream. But! If you can stay productive and use your time well, you just might have time to soak up some sun before your flight home. Here are some productivity tips for a work trip to Westlake.

Cross To-Do Items Off Your List

Cross off the big responsibilities such as booking your flight and hotel reservation before your trip. This will allow you to get the best deals and save money in the early stages of your trip. Booking these arrangements as soon as possible provides you with more flights with fewer layovers, reservations at restaurants that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit, and luxury hotels in Malibu with incredible amenities.

Speaking of hotels, the Hyatt Regency Westlake is a top pick for business travelers It’s just minutes away from Malibu, California. It has an impressive combination of business services and a resort-like atmosphere that feels as if you’ve been transported to the Mediterranean. This hotel is centrally-located within Westlake Village close to Thousand Oaks.

Getting a head start on your bookings lets you schedule out meetings, lunches, and other get-togethers efficiently as possible, so you don’t waste any precious travel time.

Let Technology Be Your Assistant

Before you leave for your trip, decide which of your gadgets will allow you to get the most of your work done. Do you need to really bring that laptop, or is your tablet sufficient for creating and editing documents? Depending on the central focus of your trip, you can lighten your bags and keep some of your mobile devices at home. Simplifying what you pack will pay off at every phase of your trip, from having less to lug around to there being fewer cables and chargers to keep track of.

Don’t Squander Flight Time

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to plan for the time you’re stuck at the airport or on your flight. Even if you don’t have Wi-Fi access, compose e-mail messages so they’re ready to send as soon as you land. Or, you can work on a document that’s saved to your computer or mobile device. Flights are great for catching up on reading and practicing your networking skills.

If you’re stuck at the airport, use GateGuru to locate ATMs and restaurants near your gate. This will prevent you from looking for an airport map or asking for directions.

Plan for Everything

Even with technology, it’s important to create a list of everything you plan to bring with you. Keep everything in mind from your business attire to your office supplies to battery chargers and snacks. Make sure that everything you use and rely on is by your side, especially when you are miles away from home.

Since business trips never go as planned, create a list for potential cancellations, delays, and emergencies. If you’re only bringing a carry-on bag, pack a change of clothes, skincare products, toothbrush, and anything other essentials you’ll want as soon as you touch down. Aside from the essentials, you should also pack a few folders with your flight and travel information for added organization and easy access.

Prioritize New Connections

Most business trips offer opportunities for networking, so make this a priority. It’s easy to isolate yourself with noise-canceling headphones or have your face buried in a document. Take some time out to make connections, though, because you never know who you’ll meet.

Take pictures with people you make connections and that you conduct business with. The moment that you follow up after your business trip, attach the photo so they remember you. Business trips are the perfect time to learn and grow your business.

Find Your New Focus

If you plan to work in your hotel room, sit at the desk instead of on the couch or your bed. Before you settle in, unpack your work supplies and get them set up. With your desk ready for work, you’ll have an easier time getting work in between activities and meetings.

No matter how productive you feel, it’s important to unwind at the end of the day. When you make time to relax at night, you’ll be more alert, energized, and productive the next day. If you’ve been able to be productive and used your time efficiently, you should be able to visit some gorgeous Malibu beaches, yet.


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