Only You Can Prevent House Fires

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Though we all hate to think about housing fires, they are a real possibility. Thousands of homes catch fire each year, so this is not something we should ignore. In the United States, cooking is a major cause of residential fires. According to the NFPA, 40% of residential fires and 36% of fire-related injuries are from cooking fires. Most cooking fires start when the oven or stove is left unattended. 

Fires related to heater appliances are the second most common cause of fire in the home. Most heat-related fires occur in December, February and March, when the temperature is at it’s coldest. These fires are generated by a stationary and portable heater that is either left unattended or has some sort of malfunction. If you need to use a heater, check to see if it is away from a combustible material and always follow the heater manufacturer’s instructions. 

If a house fire does occur, the consequences can be devastating beyond belief. Of course, preservation of life and health is priority. That is the first thing people think about and then, their possessions second. However, something most people don’t think about until it’s too late, is the total aftermath and the devastation a house fire can really cause. 

Not only is the fire from the incident dangerous, but the smoke is just as destructive if not dealt with properly. Fire and smoke damage is highly complex and it involves more than just putting out the flame. Fire damage, as a whole, encompasses way more than just flames or even smoke. In addition to smoke, you must also deal with water damage and mold from the flame brigade hose used to extinguish the flame. Problems with fire and smoke damage can cross surfaces, wall spaces, ceilings and can only be detected by observation. 

If the fire is delayed, the smoke loss will be worse off. Extend the waiting period for maintenance and even more restoration will be needed. After a fire, it is important that you call a restoration company pronto to help prevent your home from worsening damage. If you are in Virginia, search for any fire damage restoration services richmond va and a specialist can come and assess the damage and go from there. The best restoration companies offer emergency services, which means you will be able to contact them and get immediate help in emergencies. 

Why Urgent Maintenance Before You Get Started

Of course, the emergency services and the fire brigade are called for the fire. However, you want to call a qualified restoration company as soon as possible so that they can stop the damage from spreading and begin the restoration process. They will remove soot and smoke damage, restore walls and even treat furniture. They use special tools and equipment to help restore your home back to it’s pre-fire condition and may even give you tips on fire prevention. Prevention is definitely the way to go. And by fireproofing and practicing good safety measures, it is possible to avoid costly repairs and long-term issues.

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