Party Planning Tips You May Not Have Been Told

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Planning a Party? I’m sure you thought about such things as how many people, how much does certain types of furniture cost, or how far in advance should I reserve the equipment. But have you really thought out the personality of your party? Have you thought about how to use the environment of your location to enhance your party, what type of furniture would go the best with the location, or what you may need to do to ensure All goes well? Have you ever been to an event or party that would have been epic except for that one detail? It can be a small one that nibbles at the edge of comprehension, spoiling the mood ever so slightly or distract you just enough that you can’t enjoy that special moment of the wedding ceremony. Instead, you are trying to figure out how to stop yourself from sliding off the chair. It can be as big as not being able to use the 300 chairs you rented, for your guests because the company you used to rent tables and chairs Phoenix AZ put them on the wrong side of the Fountain Hills Fountain! 

How well do you know the area? How well so you know the material and structure of the equipment you’ll be renting? These are some of the real reasons you pay someone to supply you with equipment at a party. No matter what the price of your party or event, having the party planner tell you not to set up on the west side of the fountain, in the afternoon, because the wind always blows that way after 2 p.m. is priceless. You can rent equipment anywhere, that might save you money. If you rent from the right individual, your money will be well spent. This is ultimately more important the more important your event is. Capitalism is the most powerful philosophy developed by humans. Competition is great for making things cost effective. We often forget that monetary price isn’t the only cost we pay for things. Make sure you utilize the expertise of any party planner you work with. Let them know you are interested in spending your money well. Ask them why should spend on items. Ask them what amount of money makes it worth it for them to do your event. you may find they will rent you 200 chairs for less than twice the price of 100. Why? because once they are there a few more chairs aren’t hard. You might be able to make small changes to the number of tables or chairs you need that will enable the party planner to use a smaller crew or truck. Possibly talk about letting them preposition the equipment on a day they aren’t busy. Make it clear to them, what factors you are flexible on which must be exact. What part of the event is the most important to you. Let them tell you where they are flexible.


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