Six tips to make the home buying process run smoothly

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When buying a new home, there is always the potential for it to be a highly stressful time. The timescales and uncertainty involved can make for increased anxiety until the very moment that the keys are handed over. We take a look at some key tips to help make the process run as smoothly as possible.


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Decide on your budget early on

Knowing how much you can afford to spend is vital when looking for a new property. Not only should prospective home buyers be looking at how much a mortgage provider will lend them, but they must also consider carefully what they are able to afford on a monthly basis. In recent months, caution has dominated the home buying market, with buyers looking to get the very best deal for their money.

Carry out a credit health check

How good is your credit? If you don’t know, take a look at one of the free credit checking services available. This is a good way to see how likely you are to be approved for a mortgage, and taking the next step to owning your dream home. Similarly, the better your credit score, the greater the chance of you being offered a great rate.


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Work out your must haves in a property

Now that you know what you can afford, it is time to decide what you want in a home. What are your must haves, and definite no-nos. Once you have decided on these, it is vital to get out and see as many homes as possible which meet these criteria.

Covering your costs

Buying a home is unfortunately an expensive business, in addition to removal costs and stamp duty, there are your conveyancing fees, paid in order to complete the transaction. For more advice on these costs, check out

Don’t wait too long to offer

If you’ve found the perfect property for you, don’t be too slow in putting in an offer. A property that is perfect to you may well be just as perfect for others, so don’t miss out.

Expect the unexpected

From errors on the land registry documents, to discovery of nearby planning permissions, the home buying process can be beset with unexpected errors. Expect these, and be prepared to take advice on how best to proceed along the way.

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