The Secrets to Finding Affordable Car Parts

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Auto parts are expensive. Especially if you own classic cars or high-performance rides. Often times, an auto part will cost more than actual repair on the vehicle. For this reason many motorists get inventive when it comes to auto parts. They look for cheaper ways to acquire them. If you happen to be in the market for a expensive auto part here are some excellent places to find it. 

Junkyards and Scrap Yards 

Searching a junkyard for auto parts is like mining for gold, but you would be surprised at the success you could have. Auto junkyards are grave sites for dead vehicles. The sheer volume of some is staggering. Still, the corpses can be picked clean for very affordable parts if you know what you are looking for. Often times searching a junkyard entails you personally going out to find a part. To be successful you need to plan ahead, know what you need, and bring the tools necessary to nab it. Scrap Yards operate a little differently. 

Scrap yards are places that break objects down for metal. When cars are turned over the yards pull any important parts out. Such yards, as well as some junkyards, then turn around and sell the parts for cheap. In this case you contact the yard ahead of time and see if they have a part you are looking for. They will check their inventory and sell you the part if they have. Make sure to vet the yard before hand as some are rather fraudulent. Also, do not forget to haggle. 


The internet is a great place to not only search for parts but purchase them as well. Online retailers specializing in auto parts can connect you with people all over the world. Such saturation has a better chance of actual finding you a part. It can be more expensive, however, depending on who you buy the part from. 

Online purchases always feature independent sellers. In such cases you always want to verify the part and ensure that the seller actually has it. A quick look at their ratings and reviews is also important. Some sites take care of such middleman duties but doing your due diligence is never a bad idea. 

Salvaged Cars 

A good internet search for any salvaged cars for sale pittsburgh pa. is a great way to locate junk cars. Junk cars, or salvaged cars are used cars that people buy for parts. Such cars are not meant to be driven, and many cannot even perform that function, but they do have parts that fit your automobile. 

Now you may wonder why buying a whole new car is cheaper than a single auto part. Well, the junk you are buying is either the exact same model as yours are the same general make. This means that the parts inside are matches for you automobile. So like an organ donor you can harvest the parts from the junk car to fix your own ride. As salvaged cars are decidedly cheap the whole enterprise comes out less than the cost of a new part. You also can keep the car around for other parts.

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