Know what concerns radon brings

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Radon is a dangerous gas that people have to worry about. There are ways to detect and mitigate it. When finding an expert, make sure that they are certified. A person’s home or business does not need to be a death sentence. There are ways to prevent a tragedy and it starts with education. The professionals will need to be brought in, so make sure they are certified. Here are some ways to help know what is needed.

What is radon

Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause cancer. It is colorless and has no smell. It also does not react chemically with anything else. It is considered soluble in water and liquid solvents. People do not know when gas is present. Children are more likely to be affected, per scientific studies. The reason that the scientists give is because of a higher respiration rate and their cells are rapidly dividing. Smokers get a higher risk of lung cancer because of the radioactive gas.


There are two types of tests to be had. One is a short test that requires 2 to 90 days. The long test is anything longer than 90 days. Start with the shorter test, of course. These need to be put into the rooms that people use the most. Stay away from rooms that can be damp, such as the kitchen or bathroom. If the level is at a 4, a longer duration test would be called for. If the levels are still high, at that point, bring in a certified professional.

What professional to hire

One of the reasons to hire a professional is because of the laws surrounding the mitigation of radon. Make sure that the person has gone through a course such as Radon Mitigation Certification Training Course. These courses help professionals know local and state laws. There are many issues to know about. That is why it pays to hire a professional that has the correct certifications and experience.

There are several methods to mitigate radon. It has been considered specialized since the 1980s, which is why a certification is something to look for. The most common is to put a pipe into the house with a fan to suck out the radon infested air. Another method is called soil suction, which pulls the radon from the ground and sends it elsewhere. Another method has the radiation going into the water. A professional will know what to do. The earlier that they are brought in, the better.

Radon is extremely dangerous. A person needs to make sure that they test, even if they do not have symptoms. As there are no signs until people start getting sick, it is better to set up a regular testing regime. Safety should be the first thought that anyone has, which is why knowledge of this gas is important. People are at risk all over the world and it does not matter their income status. With thousands dying each year, this is a preventable issue.


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