Catch Me Falling From the Clouds

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We’re always looking for new ways to test our limits. In my family, normal activities on the weekends are never enough. We like to chill out and read books, and we love to relax sometimes of course, but every now and then we need an extra rush of adrenaline. My children all ride skateboards at the local skating park, which might be enough to satisfy their need for thrill. I used to skateboard, but I haven’t felt like riding the grip tape now that I’m older. The thrill of skateboarding isn’t there for me any more. It’s not the same as it used to be.

I need something more to satisfy my urge to escape normality. My wife enjoys surfing, so I started going out with her. When you actually think about how far out you have to be to catch a wave, it is a pretty extreme sport to tackle. However, I found that it takes a lot of skill to catch those waves. I couldn’t pick up on it as easy as I thought. My kids were riding skateboards, my wife was riding waves, and I was all alone on the beach by myself. That’s when I found out about a new extreme sport hobby for me to try.

I was watching my wife surf one afternoon when I discovered my new favorite hobby. She was doing great that afternoon. I think I saw her catch a few waves early on, but I was getting drowsy sitting on a beach chair in the sand. I had already drained most of my energy building an enormous sand castle when a wave washed it away. I sat back to read my book, and I kept nodding off. That’s when I saw them. They were like two magic birds falling from a cloud up high. 

When I figured out that they were people, I called out to them, but they were way too high in the air to hear me yelling. They landed out in the water farther out than my wife was surfing. She thought I was waving at her, so she started coming back to see what I wanted. I never realized how exciting some skydiving los angeles ca would be until I tried it out for myself. It took some time to get used to the harness, but eventually, it seems like it’s part of your body. I feel like a flying squirrel must feel when I dive from the plane. 

My hair whips through the air, and I can’t help but smile the biggest smile my face with produce. My cheeks expand with the rush of air, and I feel completely at peace coming down from the sky. I would have never imagined this sport would be so much fun. I’ve only been a few times by myself, but I’m eager to get my family involved in the rush as soon as they can break away from their hobbies. It’s an exciting experience that I want to share.

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