Comfort When You’re With The Gynecologist

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Although an appointment with your gynecologist might not seem like the most exciting trip, it’s one that you shouldn’t miss as it’s the first step in caring for your feminine health. There are examinations and tests that your doctor can perform to ensure that there are no issues that need to be addressed, such as cancerous tumors. This is also a doctor who can assist with fertility issues that you might have or issues with your menstrual cycle, especially when you’re older and going through menopause. 

Around the age of 15 is a good time to begin visiting a gynecologist fredericksburg va office, but you don’t always have to abide by this timeline. This is just a good age to consider because it’s usually when most teens begin their first menstrual cycle. It’s normal to be nervous about visiting a gynecologist. This is a doctor who will examine private areas of your body that are often reserved for your spouse or partner. However, your doctor and the nurses in the office will do everything possible to make you comfortable and to answer any questions that you have so that you want to go back to the office in the future. Before any examination, your doctor will go over the procedure to let you know what you can expect so that you’re prepared. 

There’s nothing wrong with taking someone to the appointment with you who can provide support and comfort, especially if you’re a teenager and it’s your first visit. The exams that are performed when you’re in the office will depend on your overall health, if you’re sexually active, if you’re pregnant, and your age. Your vital signs will be reviewed at each visit, but you might not have a complete physical examination at each visit. The first time you go to the office will usually involve talking to the doctor to determine why you’re there and to discuss ways that your body is changing along with ways that you can take care of your feminine and overall health. Your doctor will likely schedule another appointment soon in the future for a pap smear as well as other examinations that need to be performed. 

A physical examination usually involves examining the genital area and the cervix. The doctor will talk about the tools that are used during the procedure as well as what to expect. Although it shouldn’t be painful, a physical examination of this kind can be a bit uncomfortable. There’s no need to shave or wax before your appointment as your doctor has likely seen all body types. You need to do what makes you feel comfortable for being in front of a gynecologist instead of what you think that doctor wants to see. All of your conversations are kept confidential, but if there are results that could impact other people, such as a positive pregnancy test, then you might want to consider letting the other person involved know the news. Remember that you can ask any questions that you have before and after the appointment, contacting the office at any time you have concerns.

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