Conference Room items checklists, How to arrange flawless meetings?

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If you happen to be planning on arranging a meeting, or made responsible for organizing your first conference and you have no idea where and how to begin then you have come to just the right place! We are here to summarize a list of things that you must do or have whilst arranging a conference or a meeting.

As much as arranging a conference can seem like a daunting task and requires a great deal of organization, most of which you will have to take care of and manage before the actual event. But regardless of how prepared you are there might be some arrangements that you might have to make on the same time as the conference so you better get your A-game on!

Things to take care of before the event

  1. Arrival: It’s really crucial that you arrive at the event location earlier than the actual time at which the event starts. This is important as it gives you time to familiarize yourself with the settings, check that everything is in order and properly organized for the event
  2. Set up a registration desk: Another important thing to do is to set up a registration desk. Make sure that the place you choose for setting up is easily accessible for everyone and in good sight too. In regards to equipment necessary for the registration desk, make sure the location you select for this has access to power. Set up a table or a station that has ample of room for all your conference name tags and keep a printer and computer handy, in case you need to print more name tags
  3. Set up the meeting/conference room: Next you should make certain that the rooms you are planning to use for your event are properly arranged. Is the seating sufficient? Is the equipment that you asked for available? Is the equipment in working order? Etc.
  4. Other facilities: Certain other facilities like the washrooms, cloak rooms and catering services need to be coordinated as well. Make sure everything is clean and in proper order and that you have ample of staff present to deal with everything.
  5. Transport: Depending on whether or not you are planning on providing pick and drop services for your event, transportation is another factor you might have to consider as well.

Thing to take care of during the event:

  1. Emergency protocol: This is an important factor to consider, in case any emergency occurs, the person conducting the event will have to step in and make necessary announcements.
  2. General courtesies: General courtesies like on-going stewarding needs to be carried out to make sure that all the delegates attending your event are well-looked after. You might need to go up to them and ask if they require anything or need help.

By checking these steps off your list you can make sure your meetings don’t derail even before the start!




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