Five Desserts to Complete Your Summer

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Summertime is back and the place to be is outside soaking in the sun. With cookouts and back yard fun topping off the day with a refreshing sweet treat is the perfect end to those summer nights. When looking for desserts for the summer you do not want the same heavy cakes and pies of the past few months. It is time to try something fun and new. Here are the five best desserts that will go great with things like starbucks k cup pods to try this summer to make your season complete. 

Strawberries Plus Cookies Plus Whipped Cream

One of the favorite treats in the summer months is always ice cream. What if there was a way to put a new twist on an old favorite? Strawberry ice cream sandwiches are delicious and will add a new flare to your summer fun. Just take some strawberries and grind them up. Add whipped cream, stir, and freeze. When the time is right, put the strawberry mix between two of your favorite cookies and eat. This can be made with any type of fruit and you can use whipped cream with low calories for a healthier option. 

Can’t Go Wrong with Tradition

A traditional favorite for summer desserts is a peach cobbler. This is a fast and easy dessert that everyone can get behind. Peach cobbler is made with one cup flour, one cup sugar, and one cup milk. Add peaches and bake. The basic recipe for cobbler can be changed in many ways and can be made with any fruit. Experiment with the flavors and find one that makes you excited about summer. 

Everybody Loves Lemon Cheesecake Squares 

With a blend of cream cheese, Sugar, Sour cream, vanilla extract, and cream you can create a tasty dish that can be enjoyed by all. This lemon cheesecake can be made without baking it and then add some lemon for a zesty flavor. Make it in a graham cracker crust and let set. This is perfect for a refreshing taste on a hot day.

Butterscotch Popsicles Will Delight the Kids

Butterscotch popsicles will add something new to the popsicle world. They are easy to make and fun to eat. Just mix your basic pudding mix, crush up some Butterfinger candy bars, and stir. Pour this mixture into popsicle makers and freeze. If you do not want to take the time to crush the candy, then just use butterscotch pudding. Either way, you will have a treat for all. 

Always the Whole Crowd Pleaser

Do not forget the draw of banana pudding. Banana pudding has always been a dessert enjoyed by all. Banana pudding can be made many ways, but we are looking for easy so here is a recipe you can make on even your busiest day. Vanilla pudding mixed with whipped cream will make the base of the pudding. The whipped cream gives it a better flavor, and everyone will want your secret ingredient. Cut your bananas up and add to the pudding, mix and surround the mixture with cookies. This is the best summer treat and fun to eat. 

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