How to Recover Deleted Files From An SD Card

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There was a time when it seemed like finding lost data on an SD card would be impossible. Fortunately, that is now no longer the case thanks to technology and innovation. Many great programs can help recover deleted files from an SD card with ease.

If you’ve ever lost data because of a computer crash, then you know how traumatic it can be. If your SD card is corrupted or damaged, then the data on your card could be gone for good. This article will teach you how to recover deleted files from an SD card, including photos, videos, and documents. It will also show you how to recover files that have been deleted off of your SD card by accident.

Why is your SD card corrupted or damaged?

There are a few reasons why your SD card might be corrupted or damaged. If you are storing files on the SD card and your device does not support it, the card could be corrupted. Another way to damage the card is to store too many files or too large of files on the SD card. If this happens, you could lose everything on the SD card due to a lack of space and insufficient management of file sizes. If this has happened to you, you can use sd card data recovery software to retrieve lost files from your SD disk.

Use a Data Recovery Software

Many people don’t realize that deleted files can still be recovered. You need to use the appropriate software. SD cards are formatted like hard drives, so it’s not uncommon for the data to become corrupted and unreadable. But, even if your computer can’t read your files, there are ways to recover them. For example, you can use a data recovery software like Data Rescue to scan your computer for deleted files. Data rescue is very simple-to-use and will give you the option of recovering all deleted photos or only certain types of photos. It also allows you to preview each photo before deciding whether or not to recover it. If you lose data off of your SD card because it becomes corrupted, this software is essential.

Use a Professional Data Recovery Service

The best way to recover deleted files from an SD card is using a professional data recovery service. A good company will have the resources and knowledge to break through your SD card’s file deletion. You can count on them to fix your damaged memory card and make it usable again. Plus, they could also help you with other digital media storage issues.

How to Recover Files Off of an SD Card That Was Deleted Accidentally

If you have ever accidentally deleted a file off your SD card, you may need to follow these steps to recover the files.

Step One: Check the File System

Check if your card is set to read-only. If so, then pressing the delete button will not delete anything.

Step Two: Recover Files from an Unreadable Card

If your card is unreadable, you will need a data recovery program to recover the files. There are many data recovery programs out there that can help you recover files from an SD card that was deleted by accident. A few recommended programs are PhotoRec (Windows), Data Recovery Pro (Mac or Windows), and Recover My Files (Windows). You can also download free trials of these programs before buying them.

Step Three: Salvage Damaged Files Using Data Recovery Software

Plug your SD card into your computer and open up one of the data mentioned above recovery programs. The software will scan the drive for any recoverable files. Once all of the data has been scanned, it will list all of the files found on the drive, including photos, videos, and documents; this process may take some time, depending on how much information is stored on your SD card. Choose which type of file(s) you would like to recover and click “Recover” or “Save Recovery Session”, depending on what program you are using. It is important to note that only damaged files will be


If you have files on your SD card that you need, you have a few options to get them back. The first is using data recovery software. The second is using a professional data recovery service. Or, if you are still able to access your device after it was formatted, you can use the SD card reader on your PC to recover them.

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