The Importance Of Your Visits With Your OBGYN

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Many women in America tend to forget the critical importance to visiting their OBGYN on a regular basis. According to the American Cancer Society, experts estimate that in the year 2019 more than 13,170 brand new cervical cancer cases could be diagnosed in many American women. Sadly, more than 4,250 American women could end up dying from this harsh disease of cervical cancer. Surprisingly, cervical cancer is actually one of the most common causes of death for many women in America. However, studies also show that cervical cancer deaths have actually decreased significantly because of early screening. There has been an increase in the amount of campaigns and advocating for early screening for cervical cancer, which has motivated many women of all ages to become more involved in the early screening process. Cervical cancer has been commonly found to be diagnosed in middle-aged women that can range from 35 years old to 44 years old. Cervical cancer rarely develops in younger women, however it does happen. In order to prevent cervical cancer from happening to you, remember that regular visits with your OBGYN are critical to the outcome of your health with prevention and also early detection.

As a woman, you also want to continue to educate yourself on some of the symptoms and signs of cervical cancer. Referring to, some of the common symptoms of cervical cancer include blood spots, light bleeding, menstrual bleeding that tends to be heavier than unusual, increase vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse, bleeding after menopause, unexplained pelvic pain and her back pain and many other symptoms. If you notice that your body has been steadily changing and seems to be an ordinary, be sure to reach out to your doctor today. The goal is to try to opt-in for early screening so that you can be able to detect cervical cancer in its earliest stages, before it is too late for treatment. The earlier that you are able to catch early cervical cancer, the better chances you have of having an effective treatment. Cervical cancer kills many women every year, so never think that you are safe from becoming diagnosed with one of these diseases.

It is important to see your OBGYN on a regular basis, not just to screen for pregnancy, receive prenatal care or sexually transmitted diseases, but you want to receive regular exams and screening. Seeing your OBGYN on a regular basis can help spot suspicious signs and symptoms that your body is displaying that something could be seriously wrong. You can take time to find your nearest OBGYN or obstetrics or gynecologist des moines ia.

Your visits with your OBGYN are critical to possibly saving your life one day. You never know when your body could be undergoing early changes of a disease that can possibly take your life. Make every effort to stay proactive in your health and stay healthy as a woman by visiting your OBGYN regularly and routinely.


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