What to Know Before You Go Skydiving

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My best friend Sarah is so daring. One time I went with her on her birthday down to Miami to go parasailing. How did she get the guts to do such things? I wanted to prove myself worthy, so to beat her adrenaline levels I said on my birthday I’m going skydiving. Little did I know what types of prep and knowledge skydiving took. What on earth did I get myself into? If you’re thinking about skydiving, some important things to consider are what type of skydiving to you want to do, are you healthy enough to do it, and have you done your research on the company that’s offering the course? 

Types of Skydiving 
For me, my facts were easy, this was the first time I was going skydiving. Whether I liked it or not, it was the one and only time I was going to skydive, and it was going to be done with an instructor attached. Also known as tandem skydiving. My choice was going to be brief course and then jumping with an instructor on the same day. Quick and easy. Not so sure about the easy part, but I figured if I signed up I would have to commit, and that’s basically how I took my first skydive CA

Healthy Enough 
I was a newbie. The first thing I thought of regarding jumping out of a plane was will my heart explode, will I freeze before I get out of the plane. Am I signing a death contract? Then reality hit me that I wasn’t even sure if I was healthy enough to engage in such an activity. I made an appointment with my doctor right away. We completed a physical as well as a stress test, just to get rid of any heart concerns I had, and everything checked out ok. 

Research the Company 
My main source of company information these days is online. On the web, I can read what’s available about the company, but I can also get reviews from past clients. I looked up my preferred choice and they actually had great reviews, so that was a big thing that set my mind at ease. By the time I finished reading all the reviews I was eager to get started. I was about to check something off my bucket list that had no business being there in the first place. I was going to accomplish something and have a story and experience that would be embedded in my brain forever. All with a company that I knew I could trust. 

Skydiving is a thrilling experience that you want to be sure you want to have before you commit to it. Perhaps if you try it once you may like it and then go ahead and take the independent course. If you’re just a newbie like me then all I can really suggest is, figure out what type of skydiving experience you want, make sure you’re healthy enough to do it and then research the company you plan to learn from. Find one that is accredited and has all the necessary license to keep you safe and that is in line with all skydiving regulations.


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