Robots that Work Alongside Humans

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The world now watches in wonder as it observes the way in which artificial intelligence has been able to harness technology and move into different services that have the promise to move forward mankind in every facet of life. For example, technology is applied in these fields to help professional make a better decision: agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, logistics, airline navigation, military and combat, aeronautics, space travel, outer space travel, etc. Many other fields could be mentioned where solutions to technology have deeply affected the way man interacts with one another socially and at home.

Only the Beginning

As technology pushes further and further into fields where machines continue to take over spaces where humans use to operate people marvel at what a machine can do. It is estimated that 30% of jobs done by humans today will be done by robots by 2026. SO fast it this technology evolving that artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to replace jobs which were relegated to humans and now can be operated by a robot or machine. For example, any Conversational AI Software Solutions are at the point of development today that they can carry on an intelligent conversation, play chess with a grand champion level player, launch a rocket into space and return it back into earth’s atmosphere and land within a millimeter where it launched. AI Can carry on a conversation with a human and help fill their order, lookup their account or answer a variety of questions.

Is Change too Fast?

People do begin to worry that AI is taking over the world and humans will no longer be needed. Professional robotics engineers in the worlds best robotics las say that that will never happen since robots need human interaction, but they can do certain things better than humans. The engineers who design and bring robots into existence say that robots can make computations faster than humans, but to rise to the capacity of thinking like humans has just been so far off the radar say the experts. But robots are good at repetitive tasks. A robot can make a hamburger, clean a floor, monitor when a person comes into a room, warehouse, or field and notice their every action. Robots can even take the place of cashiers, cooks, bartenders, and many other similar functions. 

What Next?

Technology is developing ways in which technology can store information in such a way that makes stealing critical information virtually impossible. The new blockchain technology, which was originally developed as a non-local storage for the bitcoin technology, has been used now to store personal and critical data. Blockchain databases are being used today to monitor “Chicken farms,” allowing the farmer to know how to better use natural resources to raise a better breed of chicken. Also, the same technology is used in procuring better livestock from a high performing stock of cattle. The U.S. Government has special committes that address AI rules and regulatory standards. Blockchain technology also helps doctors to better diagnose a patients cure and to place that information at the disposal of other doctors around the world once retrieved. The entire world looks forward to how technology will develop more and more services that make human life more enjoyable and gives room for AI’s entrance into the workspace of the future.


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