Top Ways Technology Helps and Hurts Human Interaction

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Good and bad seem to follow one another like morning after night. Technology has been a long debated subject when it comes to something having both positive and simultaneously negative effects on people and the society they live in. Subjects in the world use technology in so many ways, from conference calls with business partners to showing a replay on the big screen at the ball game. Few would argue that technology does offer some enhancement to the world. It helps in many ways. Others will argue that it hurts society in other ways. 

Interaction is what links people together. Technology has allowed people to connect with individuals a world away, but has it disconnected us from those closest? These are some of the many talking points when it comes to the disadvantages and advantages of technology. One thing everybody agrees on is the annoyance of robocalls festering the frequencies of our cellular devices. It leaves people searching for answers by looking through an Unknown Phone Number Public DirectoryRobocalls randomly select phone numbers in an attempt to scam. They are quite the universal annoyance to many, yet what are some other ways technology plays a continued role in today’s world?

Connecting and Disconnecting

Plenty of people appreciate the easy access of information via technology and the internet. Think of how quickly one can send an email to a client or friend across the globe: a few clicks here and a few clicks there will get the job done. Technology allows a person to have a video chat in crystal clear HD from the comfort of the living room. It doesn’t compare to face to face interaction but it sure can be enjoyable to many individuals. 

Technology allows individuals to have access to information at an incredibly quick rate. This research allows for learning in an effort to benefit society. Technology has transformed things like healthcare and industry. It has led to breakthroughs in science and artistic endeavors. It has helped numerous people through difficult times and provides plenty of opportunity for understanding. It allows one to be inspired and feel positive in so many ways, yet there are certain consequences. 

Sometimes people feel consumed by the ever-present possibilities of technology. The amount of information absorbed on a daily basis may make it difficult for a person to connect with individuals when they are physically present. The loss of this form of communication could lead to a number of things such as relationship issues and job performance. If people are losing their ability to interact because they are more present with the screen than the human being, what can be done to find a balance? 

Balance can be found in many ways, from limiting screen time to finding ways to incorporate technology in positive ways. Maybe one can limit their screen time use to work and when people aren’t demanding attention. Technology makes tons of things possible but can be a distraction from more important things at hand.

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