Advantages of Being an Electrician

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Most people do not understand the importance of hiring a certified electrician, it’s a career that takes not only dedication, but you must possess the ability to think on your feet and make drastic decisions promptly. If you’re looking to become a licensed electrician, you must have a strong commitment to education, but oftentimes before you can become a certified electrician, you have to first go through some sort of apprenticeship program. As you become a master electrician’s understudy, they’ll teach you critical skills you’ll need to possess, training you in electrical construction, engineering, and manufacturing. They’ll also teach you how to design and interpret blueprints, how to understand electrical codes, and how to maintain a safe work environment. They’ll also teach you how to install wiring, replace and repair outdated conduits, and what each electrical component does. Before you become a certified electrician, you first must complete your 3 year apprenticeship and have at least 2000 hours of paid training. If you’re in need of an electrician certification Chicago IL has plenty of programs that can help assist you.

When a contractor takes on a project, it’s important to have a well-trained electrician, which will help ensure the safety of you and your crew. Before you can become an electrician, it’s highly recommended that you go through some sort of trade schooling, they’ll teach you soldering, first aid practices, and how to maintain a safe work environment. Working as an electrician may not require having a degree, but in most states, it will require some sort of certification.Here is some of the Reasons Why You Should Consider Pursuing a Career as an Electrician

Pays Well

It’s no secret that electricians make a great living, they usually make somewhere between, $30 and $52 hourly. Being an electrician provides you a way to earn a decent living, without having to attend college. Often times, electricians are required to work overnight, which can double your earnings.

Job Security

One of the many advantages of being an electrician is it provides you job security. No matter how the economy is performing, there will always be a need for hiring electricians. You’ll also have the option of joining a union, which will provide you with employment security and salary protection.

High Demand

Being an electrician is a job that is always in high demand, contractors are constantly looking to hire certified electricians. The need for electricians is now at an all-time high, companies are constantly searching for licensed electricians, especially now, during a time when green energies are being utilized. One of the great things about being a certified electrician is it gives you the freedom to work wherever you like, often times, construction projects require you to travel all over the country. This is a great job if you’re not a typical 9-5 kind of guy, being an electrician is a hands-on job that never gets boring. It also gives you the ability to work as your own boss; many electricians go on to start their own companies; all it requires is a business license and a truck.


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