Caring for Animals Around The Clock

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We all love our pets very much and although no one wants to think of an emergency run to the vet, it definitely does happen. Just like their owners, pets can get sick or injured at any hour of the day. like their human owners they will occasionally become ill or have a serious injury at some awkward hour at which almost no vet is awake. 

Although most people think of veterinarian work as being a 9 to 5 day job, many vets will work awkward hours, especially those who either work with large animals or who choose to work a 24-hour vet clinics. Unlike the ER for humans, 24 hour veterinarian services are not widely known about. This is most likely because doctors have significantly more prestige than veterinarians and more people expect them to be on call 24/7 well a vet is expected by most to stick to office hours in terms of when their patients are seen. Just like an ER, a 24-hour clinic certainly can be an adventure. This is especially true because people rarely call these clinics unless there is an odd emergency or a major injury that simply cannot wait until morning. In spite of how few people know about these emergency vet clinics, there definitely our opportunities for veterinarians who prefer the night shift to be able to continue taking care of the animals that they love most. In particular, a Google search for 24 hour animal hospital williamsport pa will bring up several different emergency and 24-hour vet clinics to choose from in terms of both taking your pet and places to work. 

Overall the demand for 24 hour and emergency vet clinics seems to be going up. As people work longer hours and how busy your schedule is, it is getting more difficult to take a beloved pet to the vet during daytime hours. This is definitely driving up demand for veterinarians who are able to be available outside of normal working hours. It’s a great way for younger veterinarians to put in a few more hours at awkward hours. 

As more 24 hour and emergency vet clinics pop up, there are definitely more opportunities for beds everywhere to get non-traditional hours for their jobs. Searches for 24-hour vet clinics have even gotten to the point where Google maps recognizes it as a category. veterinarian work and the hours that veterinarians are expected to work, especially on small animals, has been evolving over time and changing with our changing work schedules. Busier schedules and busier people need the same services, but often at different and awkward hours. There is absolutely no sign that a demand for after-hours and 24-hour veterinary clinics will be going away anytime soon, especially seeing emergencies wait for no man and no animal. Although these non-traditional hours will not work for everybody veterinarian, there are definitely plenty of opportunities for the night owl who loves animals to get a spectacular job helping them at all hours of the night.


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