Religious and Gendered Education Experience

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Religion-based education high schools are located all over the busy and developed regions of Washington DC. Religion based education is often targeted towards one gender, all girls or all boys, and highly conservative such as all girls catholic school washington dc based. Most private institutions are owned and operated for more than 30 years with core beliefs set on performance, spirit, and scholarship and main focuses are academics, athletics, arts and student life. 

Missions and beliefs 

Often private, gendered, religious schools encourage getting social, good communication, and to participate in an environment where students can express themselves freely. Additionally, their missions are to develop higher cognitive skills, increased self-confidence, take on broad interests. They encourage them to make broad impacts as girls that complete high school and graduate to become successful women that continue their own professional education. 

A different learning experience 

At private school’s students are encouraged to be creative, compassionate, and set good examples. In religious schools, such as Catholic schools, education is infused with religion and the foundations of learning are different. The different academic departments typically include English, Mathematics, performing arts, physical education, religious education, science, technology, visual arts, and world languages. Learning foundations emphasize learning common human themes from peoples of all time periods and becoming better humans in society. 

There are also pre-career programs that are available to students drawn to pursuing their careers and excel in the workplace. Common pre-career programs generated for students include health science, law, pharmacy studies, engineering and design and hospitality. Lastly, there are service hours in which students elect to participate in their communities, to complete their graduation requirements. 

Extracurricular Activities 

The same religious approach applies for extracurricular clubs and activities that students are encouraged to join to participate in new activities and meet new people, and if there is no club that catches your interest, you may gather members and start your own club. Some common clubs are dance club, drama club, book club, art club, film club and the Gospel Choir. Larger additions that are popular in schools are the Student Government Association and the Production Club. 

Sports World 

As important as it is to enroll in academics and extracurricular activities, it is also important to join athletics. Athletics provide a good balance for the busy workload academics bring. There are varieties of sports that students can join such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, cheerleading, swimming and golf, among others. The sports teams are set for their designated seasons: Fall, winter and Spring. 

Student Life and the Arts Sector 

The last special activities offered in religious schools are music programs, theater, and the dance team. These programs offer heightened experiences that allow students to express themselves through vocal singing, dancing and movement, acting and public speaking. This field of activities draw students to become more uplifting and powerful before unfolding their creative side. If students choose to participate, they will receive program perks such as trips to music cities, Broadway shows, orchestra festivals and competition events, and these perks tend to showcase the rewards earned from completion of activities throughout the school year.


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