Why Puppy/Dog Training is Essential

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There are many reasons that puppy training is essential. Dogs have to be shown what is and isn’t acceptable by consistent repetition and positive reinforcement in a safe environment. As unbelievable as it sounds, many brand-new dog owners tend not to know how to reinforce behavior properly. Some even seem to think that dogs are born with a natural sense right from wrong, but they aren’t. 

The historic belief was that dogs learned only through punishment-based techniques. Unfortunately, this has not completely gone away yet, but more owners have started to recognize that loving patience is key. As a result, those who do still train with dominance-based techniques are quickly losing out to those who use more positive reinforcements. However, many also wisely recognize that they can’t carry it out on their own so more and more are hiring professional trainers to point them in the right direction. Even evidence-based research has caught up to the fact that punishment-based techniques don’t usually work. 

Dogs were bred to live by their owner’s side, not in a garage or tied up in the yard all day. First, that probably doesn’t make you very happy and it’s a miserable way for a dog to live. In fact, the latter risks animal control involvement. Fortunately, law enforcement hates to see that happen so there are plenty of places where dog owners can get help with training. Puppy training Phoenix AZ is available in several places. All you have to do is Google it and make contact. 

A good majority of dogs in shelters are rescue dogs. This means that they came from the streets, abusive and/or neglectful environments. The owners of the latter are usually very ignorant about dog ownership or only care about appearances and/or power and control. Also, puppy mill owners are only interested in profiting from breeding and selling puppies. However, if your dog is a rescue dog, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any hope of making a good pet. It’s simply that you will have to take the time to show it that you’re trustworthy by being patient with it and gently reinforcing it. 

In order for your dog to make a good pet, it needs to be housebroken and be trained to be friendly to both people and other pets. It’s always best to start at puppyhood due to the fact that puppies are young and learn faster. Also, puppies tend not experience as much discomfort and anxiety as older dogs do. However, if your dog is simply doesn’t want to be social, don’t blame yourself or your trainer. Like people, not all dogs are meant to be social. 

One other major reason that it’s important to properly train your dog is to promote a sense of safety and security. Some will respond to the commands in class but may initially get confused when you use it in the real-world situation. That’s why it’s also essential to have a purpose behind the command that the dog can understand.


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