Perfecting the Vintage Updo: Key Steps

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Hair styles are one of the main concerns for brides and their guests wanting to create the perfect look on their big day. Vintage styles are currently all the rage, and it is easy to see why. With its combination of femininity, class and daring design, the vintage look is always a winner with those people looking for classic style.

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Vintage styles certainly do not mean old-fashioned. They give a nod to the past, but contemporary vintage hair designs are very much 21st-century creations. One style perfectly suited to the vintage wedding hair look is the traditional updo – the vintage roll. This popular 1940s style is making a big comeback in the fashion world. You can pair these styles up with one of the Wedding Guest Dresses that you prefer from a company like to create a truly memorable outfit.
The Vintage Roll

Vintage updos are easy to create – they simply require some practice. One of the most popular vintage styles for wedding hair, in particular is the classic retro roll. This updo is ideal for those who wish to wear flowers in their hair, as the flowers can rest on top of the roll for a more secure finish.

There are some key steps to creating the perfect vintage roll. To start, brush the hair through and create a centre parting. Next, back-comb the hair to create volume. Then pull the hair into a low ponytail and use half of a hair ‘donut’ to roll the hair up. Tuck the ends away into the hair roll and pin into place. To finish, spritz with hair spray and tease a few tendrils loose for a softer effect.

Practise Your Look

All wedding hair styles look best when you have had time to practise the look beforehand. So think about the vintage look you want to go for and practise creating it before your big event. If you are using a hairdresser, tell her or him about your plans. Hairdressers are getting used to creating retro designs as vintage fashion has leapt in popularity in recent years. You can find more vintage hair design ideas following a quick search on the internet or a browse through some styling magazines.

Vintage looks are perfect for weddings and other spring and summer events such as proms and parties and these hair styles can help elevate any item of clothing to a whole new level.

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