The effectiveness of Organic Fertilizers on Lawns

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Nowadays, people have transformed from planting grass on their homesteads. Instead, they have opted to go for lawns. The reason for the mass transformation is that lawns are quick in growth and easily maintained compared to grass. It is, therefore, important to find essential nutrients that can make lawns grow well and healthy.

What are Organic Fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are derivatives, which are obtained from animal matter, animal excreta, human excreta, plant material, and vegetable matter. The fertilizers are characterized as naturally occurring, meaning they are not synthetic. Due to the natural occurrence of organic fertilizers, they offer important nutrient to plants such as ammonia, phosphates, and nitrites.

Importance of Organic Fertilizers On Lawns

Organic fertilizers are helpful in the growth of lawn grass compared to chemical fertilizer. The following are some of the importance of using organic fertilizers:Organic fertilizers improve the soil structure of the lawn. Organic fertilizers always have humus in them. The humus helps the soil to conserve moisture thus making the soil remain compact. When the soil becomes compact, its ability to hold nutrients is high. A combination of all these properties gives a soil, which has a good structure for grass growth.

Organic fertilizers enhance the thriving of microbes. There are a variety of microbes that are found in the soil. These microbes help in several process and biogeochemical cycles. When the use of organic fertilizer is embraced, these microbes will receive the nutrient matter present in these fertilizers. This makes the microbes grow, unlike the chemical fertilizers that have chemicals, which burn the microbes.Most organic fertilizers are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers have a good effect on the soil. When there is surface runoff, there are no chemicals carried on the water, since organic fertilizers are purely natural. These fertilizers do not have fumes that are harmful to the environment.

Lastly, organic fertilizers do not damage the lawn grass. Some other fertilizers such as synthetic ones have a scorching effect on the grass at the lawns. The scorching effect is due to several degrees of chemicals found in these fertilizers. Therefore the use of organic fertilizers on the lawns will ensure that these lawns last for long.

Considerations to make Before Buying Organic Fertilizers

Before you get to the shops to buy any organic fertilizer for lawn care, it is important to consider the following:First, you should look at the constituents of the fertilizers. It is important to pick a fertilizer that matches the instructions given by the lawn manufactures. This is because if the nutrients in the fertilizer are not enough nutrients, then the lawn might end up dry.Secondly, you should consider your geographical area. Some fertilizers do not do well in the cold areas, while others do well in these areas. Therefore it is important to know, the climatic condition of your place of residence to enable you to pick the right fertilizer.


When the lawns are kept beautiful, they make the whole compound and backyards look great. The nourishment of these lawns is by use of fertilizers. therefore if you wish your lawn to be well nourished, it’s important to make a good choice of your organic fertilizer.


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