The Social Security Disability– Why an Attorney Makes a Difference 

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The Social Security Disability process is extremely involved, and it is common for denial on the first application. Even though this is benefit taken out of the workers, paycheck the first claim generally denied for various reasons. The application is detailed and medical records documenting the injury are one of the reports that is a must, when applying for disability. This is a claim many workers file the application only to find it rejected, the claim denied. The process after a denial is crucial to do properly to have it approved to receive benefits. 

Disability Application Process 

The application process to file for disability includes documents submitted with the most important one medical documentation. This will help the determination of approval or denial. This can be stressful and confusing about what documents need submitting and the help of a legal professional can help ensure the proper application submission. The social security disability lawyer Canadian County OK will look over a copy of the clients application if it has been denied. From this application, the lawyer will see what additional information added can help get the application approved. Medical records generally are the focus to prove the Social Security Disability is warranted. The lawyer may also look through the clients work history especially if the disability occurred in a workplace accident. Two factors that are looked at closely by disability when approving or denying the application. 

Do Applicants Need Legal Representation? 

The person applying for Social Security Disability is not required to have legal representation to apply. However, having the representation of a lawyer that specializes in this area of the law may have a better chance of application approval. This legal professional understands the process and what documents should be included in the application. The attorney can help increase the odds of approval especially during an appeal after a denial. This is due to their clear understanding of the rules and regulations in place for disability claims. 

The legal professional may also be able to speed the process of approval for disability if the evidence is strong enough, they can request an interview or an expedited hearing. This can be in situations where the applicant may lose their access to medical treatment, their residence, or another type of extreme need for fast approval of disability benefits. This on-the-record interview can eliminate the need to have an administrative judge hear the claim. Any of these measures taken by the lawyer can speed up the process for applying for disability and they have the skills to recognize if the evidence will back taking this kind of action. 

Disability and Social Security Disability 

There is a clear difference between other types of disability, such as worker compensation for an injury and Social Security disability and a process based on meeting the requirements. Worker’s disability is in place for the employee hurt on the job that will return to work after healing but Social Security Disability the person applying will not return to work. The harm they suffered does not allow returning to any type of employment.


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